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At Turtle Valley Equine Hosptial we specialize in equine surgery and are equiped to handle many of your advanced musculoskeletal and lameness problems.  In addition to our elective orthopedics we are also set-up to treat various airway, reproductive, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Turtle Valley is a haul in hospital facility, we do not have an ambulatory or field service, rather we strive to work with your field veterinarian for elective and emergency cases.  When you bring your horse in to us, you can expect us to treat them as one of our own, we do our absolute best to offer and inform you you of all the options for care and treatment of your athlete.


In addition to our surgery and lameness work in house we work with a number of other area specialists with areas of expertise outside of surgery to ensure that your horse recieves the most advanced level of care. If you have a specialized need outside of surgery and lameness, please be sure to ask us about area consultanting veterinarians who are experts in internal medicine, reproduction, and corrective shoeing.  Check out the links below for more information.


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Check out some the images below to get an idea of just a few of the procedures we commonly perform at the hospital.


Abdominal Laparoscopy

Ever been told your horse had a left dorsal displacement of the large colon or a nephrosplenic entrapment where the colon becomes "hung-up" on the ligament between the spleen and left kidney? Pictured here is that space with the spleen on the left and the kidney on the right. Most horses will only do this once, but in cases of repeat offenders this space can be closed to prevent future entrapments.